Additional programs and tools

ToSIPdb.exe (0.5 Mb). Program to read general 4-poles geoelectrical data from a text file in to the data base format used by the inversion program SIP. The source code is included in the downloaded zip- package. Only the exe-file and the directory “SampleDB” are needed to run the program. Three examples of input files are located in the directory “examples”. The program is freeware and is up to the user to check that the data are read in correct.

BDE InfoSetup (7.0 Mb). Installs the BDE information utility along with BDE version 5.2. Install this program if you experience problems with your BDE installtion or the BDE Adminstrator program.

DAO350 Setup (5.4 Mb). Installs DAO 350 nessesary to open an Acces 97 database on your machine. Chances are that you already have the DAO350.dll installed on your machine, but this small program enables you to install it seperatly if nessesary. Unzip the file to a temporary location and execute the setup program

FlameRobin is a database administration tool for Firebird RDBMS. Use this tool to quey any Aarhus Workbench databases. Download FlameRobin.

Firebird Server Firebird Server 2.5.4 is the database server for running the Aarhus Workbench on the local machine or on the file server holding the Aarhus Workbench workspace and databases.

IB console Program (2 Mb). Installs the Interbase/Firebird console program, enabling you to inspect your Interbase/Firebird databases. For further information see

Sentenial Key driver for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Win2003, Win2008 32- and 64-bit.

MapInfo Fonts (0.1 Mb) Zip file containing MapInfo fonts used by the MapX component. Unzip the file to a temporary location and install the fonts from Control Panel/ Fonts.

UpdateReg (UpdateRegistry.exe - 0.4 Mb). A small program that updates the settings nessesary for the Workbench in the windows registry.

PACES (zip - 5.4 Mb).  Processing program for PACES data.

SIP (zip -  5.6 Mb). Inversion program for PACES data.

MEP (zip - Mb). Processing and 1D-inversion software for MEP data.

PATEM 1.00.23  (zip - 6.1 Mb) Processing and inversion software for PATEM data.

GrafLog2 (zip - 0.2 Mb). Program for displaying ellog data.

P4730gTo20g converts Protem 30 gate data to a 30 gate format used by SiTEM.