Emma is freeware.

All registered users of EMMA will receive notification of updates. Please register after download and installation of the program.

EMMA notes - pdf
EMMA paper - pdf
EMMA release history - pdf

Terms of usage
EMMA is free-ware. No part of the program is for sale. In cases where parts of the program are used independently in another program, the new program must still be available as free-ware, and credit given to the EMMA developers.

The HydroGeophysics Group, Aarhus University, Denmark does not take responsibility for any loss or inconvenience due to the use of EMMA.

Download EMMA - exe

The installation of EMMA contains the following files:

The downloaded installer, EMMAInstall.exe must be executed with administrative rights and will install the EMMA application with all necessary files and examples.

Please be aware of the following notes:

.\Problems\Notes\EMMA notes.pdf
Problems and notes used on an advanced TDEM short source. The notes gives an introduction to the program.

.\Problems\Problems Workspace 
EMMA workspace used on an advanced TDEM short source. Problems are described in EMMA notes.pdf 

.\Birmingham Workspace
EMMA workspace presented on EEGS Birmingham 2001

Known bugs and issues in EMMA Version 1.1 release 4 build 64 (14.06.2012)
On some computers it is necessary to have administrative rights to be able to run EMMA.

FDEM: Bug in output wizard when plotting amplitude and phase for frequency domain data. Currently the program can only plot real and quadrature parts.

TDEM: No check for gate center times entering into the wave form.

TDEM/FDEM: Convolution error when calculating Ey component from Ez source (z-directed electrical dipole). Avoid the error by setting the receiver position to RxZ to 0.1m (0.1m into the earth)

An access violation occurs when the number of transmitters is set to zero. This applies for all all transmitter types. A check has to be incorporated.

TDEM/FDEM: Error when selecting Ex and Ey directed dipole sources. The sources are supported by the forward modeling program but has not been allowed in the EMMA interface.