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Here you will find the presentations, which the authors have agreed to have published on this website.

A02 Modeling the evolution of spectral induced polarization during calcite precipitation on glass beads

A04 3D TEM-IP inversion workflow for galvanic source TEM data

A06 Spectral induced polarization in a sandy medium containing semiconductor materials: study of the polarization mechanism

A08 Decay-Curve Analysis for the Quantification of Data Error in Time-Domain Induced Polarization Imaging

A09 Advances in spectral inversion of time-domain induced polarization

A10 Examples of modelling IP in AEM data: synthetic and real data

B02 Identifying pollutants in soils using spectral induced polarization

B03 Doubling the spectrum of time-domain induced polarization: removal of non-linear self-potential drift, harmonic noise and spikes, tapered gating, and uncertainty estimation

B05 Simulation of membrane polarization for 2D and 3D pore networks

B09 Comparison of Cole-Cole and Constant Phase Angle modeling in time-domain induced polarization

B10 Airborne IP for Kimberlite Exploration

B11 Geometrical constraints for membrane polarization

C01 Pore radius distribution and fractal dimension derived from spectral induced polarization

C06 The IP response of black shales in the Oslo graben, Norway

C07 Bayesian inference of spectral induced polarization parameters at the Canadian Malartic disseminated gold deposit


Here you will find the posters, which the authors have agreed to have published on this website:

AP04 Predictive relationships for the permeability of unconsolidated sands based on SIP and pore surface fractal dimensions

AP05 Induced polarization of seafloor massive sulfides

AP06 On the α-polarization of bacterial suspensions: SIP measurements on E. coli K12 and Rhodococcus erythropolis T902.1

AP07 www.sip-archiv.de – an internet based, interactive archive and database for SIP data

AP08 Methods for measuring the complex resistivity spectra of rock samples in the context of mineral exploration

AP09 Influence of plant roots on induced polarization of cultivated soil columns

AP10 Concept of our New Multi-Channel SIP Instrument: SIP256D

AP11 Spectral Inversion of SIP field data using pyGIMLi/BERT

AP13 Characterization of Abandoned Mine Tailings by means of Time- and Frequency-Domain Induced Polarization Imaging

AP15 Mapping the lithotypes using the in-situ measurement of time domain induced polarization: El-log

AP16 Is the IP response related to geology or contaminants in a leachate plume at the Grindsted Landfill, Denmark?

AP17 Mapping and characterization of Induced Polarization in airborne TEM data from central East Greenland – application of a Self-Organizing Map procedure

BP03 Relationship between Cole-Cole model parameters and spectral decomposition parameters derived from SIP data

BP04 Temperature dependence of complex surface conductivity

BP06 SIP response of compacted natural and lime-cement-treated loam

BP09 The electrical signature of soils contaminated by heavy metals

BP10 Permeability estimation of hydrocarbon reservoirs samples using Spectral Induced Polarization (SIP) and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR): a  laboratory investigation

BP12 Combined ERT and IP modelling for monitoring DNAPLs: preliminary results

BP14  Superimposed IP relaxations in sand and silty clay deposits measured in the time domain

BP16 Mapping possible flowpaths of contaminants through surface and cross-borehole spectral time-domain induced polarization

BP19 Application of spectral induced polarization method (SIP) at complex studying of low-contrast magnetic anomaly