Short Course (June 4-5)

As a part of the IP workshop, there will be a short course on principles and applications of Induced Polarization on June 4 and 5.

The short course takes place at:

Dept. of Geoscience
Høegh Guldbergs Gade 2
8000 Aarhus C.

The program is available here.

Below you can download papers relevant for the course:

Spectral two-dimensional inversion of frequency-domain induced polarization data from a mining slag heap, Thomas Günther and TinaMartin

Inversion of induced polarization data, Douglas W. Oldenburg and Yaoguo Li

Data repeatability and acquisition techniques for time-domain spectral induced polarization
A. Gazoty, G. Fiandaca. J. Pedersen, E. Auken, and A.V. Christiansen

Time-domain-induced polarization: Full-decay forward modeling and 1D laterally constrained inversion of Cole-Cole parameters Gianluca Fiandaca, Esben Auken, Anders Vest Christiansen, and Aurélie Gazoty

Long and short narrow pore models for membrane polarization, Matthias Bücker and Andreas Hördt

Analytical modelling of membrane polarization with explicit parametrization of pore radii and the electrical double layer, Matthias Bücker and Andreas Hördt

Complex conductivity of water-saturated packs of glass beads, P. Leroy, A. Revi, A. Kemna, P. Cosenza, A. Ghorbani

Induced polarization, a study of its causes, Donald J. Marshall and Theodore Madden

Determination of permeability from spectral induced polarization in granular media, A. Revil and N. Florsch

Time-lapse spectral induced polarization imaging of stimulated uranium bioremediation, Adrián Flores Orozco, Kenneth H. Williams, Andreas Kemna

Data error quantification in spectral induced polarization imaging, Adrián Flores Orozco, Andreas Kemna, Egon Zimmermann