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Computer system

Processing and inversion of large scale airborne EM data requires a large amount of CPU-power. We have a number of multi core Windows based servers for crushing numbers. Our computer system and data storage systems are fully accessible through standard Windows remote desktop connections.

Server park (at present time):

  • 2 x Servers for numerical calculations, 64 kernels, 128 GB ram each
  • 5 x Servers for numerical calculations, 48 kernels, 64 GB ram each
  • 3 x  Server for numerical calculations, 40 kernels, 128 GB ram
  • 1 x  Server for experiential 3D inversion, 2 x intel Xeon Phi 3120A,  456 threads, 64 GB ram
  • 3 x  Servers for daily work; programming, office applications, etc.
  • 2 x  File-server for data storage​

Photo: Peter Kruse