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Aarhus Workbench

Aarhus Workbench 5
Aarhus Workbench 5 includes a fast GIS interface, a completely new graphical user interface and many new features to make Aarhus Workbench perform better and faster.

The installation of Aarhus Workbench includes:

  • BDE database engine version 5.x
  • Firebird database server (classic mode) version 2.5.x
  • Tatuk GIS version 10
  • MapInfo fonts
  • Flame Robin database management program for Interbase/Firebird databases
  • Aarhus Workbench version 5.x

Note that hardware dongles are no longer supported from Workbench 5 and you therefore need a license code. To obtain a license code contact the HydroGeophysics Group at support@geo.au.dk.

The installation of Aarhus Workbench is simple and supported for Win XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 computers. Follow this guide to install Aarhus Workbench 5:

  1. Uninstall previous versions of Aarhus Workbench if exist.
  2. Download the Aarhus Workbench 5 installer through this link
  3. Run the installer (make sure to have administrative privileges). If Firebird 2.0 is installed, the installer will ask permission to uninstall it before installing Firebird 2.5.
    Note that Aarhus Workbench 5.x will not work with Firebird 2.0.