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Customised Courses

The HydroGeophysics Group offers a number of training courses in geophysical methods and software used for water resource and vulnerability mapping. The courses apply to both state and municipal employees, researchers as well as consulting company staff. The teaching method is an interaction between oral presentations and exercises. Information on time, capacity limit and accommodation and detailed course content can be acquired by sending an e-mail to hgg@geo.au.dk with the subject line "HGG customised courses".

Recently held courses

  • Geophysics and Groundwater mapping
  • Airborne EM processing and inversion
  • Airborne EM quality assurance
  • Aquifer vulnerability assessment based on geophysics and drillings
  • Geoeletrical methods – theory, processing and interpretation
  • Transient electromagnetic methods – theory, processing and interpretation
  • Introduction to Aarhus Workbench