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TEM Test-site


Note: The Danish TEM Test-site is no longer accessible for external users. 

The Danish TEM Test-site located outside Aarhus (Lyngby) was established in 2001. Over the years the test site has been refined and extended, and today the test site consists of a well described resistivity model (the reference model) and two ~1 km reference lines. The reference model is defined to a depth of ~280 m and holds detailed shallow resistivity information based on additional ERT measurements and EL-log drillings. The Test-site is used for calibration and validation of both ground based and airborne TEM-instruments.


Foged, N., E. Auken, A. V. Christiansen, and K. I. Sørensen, 2013, Test site calibration and validation of airborne and ground based TEM systems, Geophysics, 78, 2,E95-E106. pdf

Refinement of the TEM reference model at Lyngby, 2012 - pdf

Validation of the SkyTEM system at the extended TEM test site, 2010. GFS, 2010 - pdf



Access - Test Site booking

Reservation of the TEM Test-site is done in the Test Site Calendar. Please add at a contact phone number with your reservation. For new users of the TEM Test-site, please inform HGG (HGG@geo.au.dk) about your activities as well.


  • Activities at the Test-site is restricted to normal working hours (Monday-Friday, 8-17)
  • Driving on the fields is prohibited
  • Equipment must be setup within the 40 x 40 m Test-site area unless a agreement with HGG has been made
  • Any instructions from the landowner must be followed
  • The user is accountable for any damages caused by inappropriate behavior at the Test-site

For any questions regarding the use of the test site, contact HGG (HGG@geo.au.dk).

Test-site location