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Cross-borehole mapping of a Permeable Reactive Barrier

At contaminated sites in urban environments, it can often be difficult to locate the contamination source, and the source may be also inaccessible, so in-situ remediation may not possible. If the direction and width of the contamination plume is known, an alternative strategy can be to install a permeable reactive barrier, PRB, across the plume. The PRB is installed by injecting iron and/or biological agents which speeds up the breakdown of contamination. By cross-borehole DCIP mapping we will be able to map the spread of the injected materials, and the processes in the PRB.


  • ERT/IP
  • ABEM Terrameter LS
  • Custom borehole electrodes
  • DTU Miljø
  • The Capital Region of Denmark
  • HGG, Department of Geoscience, Aarhus University