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Kærgård Plantation

Cross-borehole mapping of in-situ remediation

The cleaning up of heavily contaminated areas such as Kærgaard Klitplantage, is an extremely expensive task, and it is often inconvenient and costly to move the contamination prior to remediation. It is thus advantageous to use in-situ chemical oxidation as a method for cleaning up. In-situ chemical oxidation require injection of sufficient oxidizing material in the entire contaminated volume. At present, the distribution of the oxidizing material probed by an expensive network of monitoring boreholes, which only provide information in discrete points, but no direct information between boreholes. By measuring cross-borehole DCIP, we will be able to directly map the distribution of the oxidizing agent.

Our collaboration partner is the Region of Southern Denmark, whom also has funded the project.

  • ERT/IP
  • ABEM Terrameter LS
  • Custom borehole electrodes
  • The region of Southern Denmark
  • HGG, Department of Geoscience, Aarhus University