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Related projects

Several other research projects in Denmark investigate, to some degree, the integration problem targeted within the scope of the HyGEM project. The project management in HyGEM will seek collaboration with these projects where research can be shared and exchanged.

HOBE project
The HOBE project focuses on determination of the water balance in different landscapes. Within the HOBE-project, several field sites have been intensively instrumented for hydrological observations combined with geophysical observations.

NiCA project
The NiCA project focuses on detailed characterization of the water flow in the near-surface geology. In NiCA a large scale airborne geophysical data set have been collected which is currently being incorporated in detailed geological and hydrological models.

CO2-GS project
The aim of the CO2-GS project is to develop technologies related to CO2 storage and safety, in particular the storage of CO2 in shallow aquifers. Within the project geophysical and hydrologic methods have been used for monitoring different CO2 phases in saline aquifers systems and obtaining a quantitative understanding of the transport of gaseous CO2 in the underground.

GEOCON project
GEOCON aims to develop a set of new integrated contaminated site characterization tools including systematic geologic characterization methods, contaminated site monitoring and mapping, geophysical mapping, and groundwater contaminant discharge measurement methods.