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AEMIP robust inversion using maximum phase angle Cole–Cole model re-parameterisation applied for HTEM survey over Lamego gold mine, Quadrilátero Ferrífero, MG, Brazil
Marco Antonio Couto Junior, Gianluca Fiandaca, Pradip Kumar Maurya, Anders Vest Christiansen, Jorge Luís Porsani & Esben Auken, Exploration Geophysics, 31 Oct 2019

On-Time Modelling Using System Response Convolution for Improved Shallow Resolution of the Subsurface in Airborne TEM
Esben Auken, Nikolaj Foged, Kristoffer Rønne Andersen, Nicklas Nyboe, Anders Vest Christiansen, Exploration Geophysics, 23 Sep 2019

Mapping geothermal heat flux using permafrost thickness constrained by airborne electromagnetic surveys on the western coast of Ross Island, Antarctica
Neil Foley, Slawomir Tulaczyk, Esben Auken, Denys Grombacher, Jill Mikucki, Nikolaj Foged, Krista Myers, Hilary Dugan, Peter T. Doran & Ross A. Virginia, Exploration Geophysics, August 2019

Geological significance of delineating paleochannels with AEM
Subash Chandra, Joy Choudhury, Pradip K. Maurya, Shakeel Ahmed, Esben Auken & Saurabh K. Verma, Exploration Geophysics, August 2019

Evidence for Pathways of Concentrated Submarine Groundwater Discharge in East Antarctica from Helicopter-Borne Electrical Resistivity Measurements
Foley,N., Tulaczyk, S.,Grombacher ,D.,Doran, P.T., Mikucki,J., Myers,K.F., Foged,N., Dugan,H., Auken,E., Virginia,R., Hydrology 2019, 6, 54

Assessment of Managed Aquifer Recharge Sites Using a New Geophysical Imaging Method
Behroozmand,A.A.,Auken,E., Knight,R., Vadose Zone Journal, May 2019

A discussion of 2D induced polarization effects in airborne electromagnetic and inversion with a robust 1D laterally constrained inversion scheme
Lin, C., Fiandaca, G., Auken, E., Couto, M. A., Christiansen, A.V. , Geophysics, 2019, 84, 2.

Development of a high-resolution 3D geological model for landfill leachate risk assessment Høyer,A.S., Klint,K.E.S., Fiandaca,G., Maurya,P., Christiansen,A.V., Balbarini,N,  Engineering Geology, 2019, 249

Complex envelope retrieval for surface nuclear magnetic resonance data using spectral analysis Liu,L., Grombacher,D., Auken,E., Larsen,J.J.,  Geophysical Journal International, 218,2, 2019

Apsu: a wireless multichannel receiver system for surface nuclear magnetic resonance groundwater investigation,  Liu,L., Grombacher,D., Auken,E. , Larsen,J.J.,  Geoscientific Instrumentation Methods and Data System, 8, 1-11

Large Scale Mapping of Fractures and Groundwater Pathways in Crystalline Hardrock By AEM Chandra,S., Auken,E., Maurya,P.M., Ahmed,S., Verma,S.K., Nature, published online 23 January 2019

tTEM – a Towed TEM system for Detailed 3D Imaging of the Top 70 meters of the Subsurface: Geophysics. Auken, E., Foged, N., Larsen, J. J., Lassen, K. V. T., Maurya, P. K., Dath, S. M., and Eiskjær, T., 2018,

A parallel computing thin sheets inversion algorithm for airborne time domain data utilizing a variable overburden Boesen,T., Auken,E., Christiansen,A.V., Fiandaca,G., Schamper,C.  Geophysical Prospecting, 2018, 66, 1402-1014

Trans-Dimensional Bayesian Inversion of Airborne Transient EM Data From Taylor Glacier, Antarctica Blatter,D., Key,K., Ray,A., Foley,N., Tulaczyk,S., Auken,E. Accepted Manuscript. Geophysical Journal International

Subsurface imaging of water electrical conductivity, hydraulic permeability and lithology at contaminated sites by induced polarization
Maurya, P. K., N. Balbarini, I. Møller, V. Rønde, A. V. Christiansen, P. L. Bjerg, E. Auken and G. Fiandaca (2018). Geophysical Journal International 213(2): 770-785.

Numerically optimized modulations for adiabatic pulses in surface nuclear magnetic resonance Grombacher, D. (2018). Geophysics 83(2): 14.

Practical considerations for small receive coils in surface NMR
Grombacher, D., L. Liu, J. J. Larsen and E. Auken (2018). Journal of Applied Geophysics 2018(154): 81 - 92.

Apsu: a wireless multichannel receiver system for surface-NMR groundwater investigations
Liu, L., D. Grombacher, E. Auken and J. J. Larsen (2018). Geoscientific Instrumentation Methods and Data Systems Discussions.

GEOCON - Udvikling og integrering af geofysiske målinger i forureningsundersøgelser
Bjerg, P. L., A. V. Christiansen, I. Møller, M. G. Møller, T. B. Hansen and J. K. Pedersen (2018). . Vand og Jord. 25: 4-7.

3D-kortlægning af hydraulisk ledningsevne med nye geofysiske målinger
Christiansen, A. V., G. Fiandaca, P. K. Maurya, I. Møller, E. Auken, N. Balbarini and P. L. Bjerg (2018). Vand og Jord. 25: 8-11.

Hvordan kan 3D geologiske modeller bruges i forureningsundersøgelser?
Møller, I., A. S. Høyer, K. E. Klint, G. Fiandaca, P. K. Maurya, N. Balbarini, A. V. Christiansen, M. G. Møller and P. L. Bjerg (2018). Vand og Jord. 25: 12-15.

Geofysik kortlægger grundvandsforurening
Bjerg, P. L., N. Balbarini, V. Rønde, A. V. Christiansen, P. K. Maurya, G. Fiandaca, E. Auken, I. Møller and M. G. Møller (2018).  Vand og Jord. 25: 16-20.

Permeability Estimation Directly From Logging-While-Drilling Induced Polarization Data
Water Resources Research, Accepted article online 26/3-18, Fiandaca,G., Maurya,P.K., Balbarini,N., Hoerdt,A, Christiansen,A.V., Foged,N., Bjerg,P.L., Auken,E.

A parallel computing thin sheets inversion algorithm for airborne time domain data utilizing a variable overburden
Manuscript accepted for Geophysical Prospecting,  Boesen,T., Auken,E., Christiansen,A.V., Fiandaca,G., Schamper,C.

The effects of 3D topography on controlled-source audio-frequency magnetotelluric responses
Geophysics, vol 83, no.2 March-April 2018 Lin,C., Zhong,S., Auken,E., Cai,H., Tan,H., Peng,M., Kong,W.