New Publication

New Publications

Strictly horizontal lateral parameter correlation for 1D inverse modelling of large datasets
Near Surface Geophysics, 2016, 14, N.B. Christensen pdf

Fast approximate 1D modelling and inversion of transient electromagnetic data
Geophysical Prospecting, 2016, 64, N.B. Christensen pdf

A Geological Model of Pillemark, Samsø Based on a Combined Interpretation of DCIP, GCM and TEM Data,
Andy Heineth, Master's thesis pdf 

An analysis of Cole-Cole parameters for time-domain DC and IP data using Markov chain Monte Carlo,
Line Meldgaard Madsen, Master's thesis pdf

TEM Modelling and inversion of conductive thin sheets,
Thomas Schrøder Daugbjerg, Master's thesis pdf

Improved processing and inversion of Ellog data with full sampled waveform,
Helle Holm, Master's thesis pdf

A Noise Analysis of Shielded and Unshielded Receiver Loops for the Magnetic Resonance Sounding Method,
Simon Rejkjær, Master's thesis pdf 

Increasing the resolution and the signal-to-noise ratio of magnetic resonance sounding data using a central loop configuration,
Geophysical Journal International, 2016, 205, 13. 2016, Behroozmand, A. A., E. Auken, G. Fiandaca, and S. Rejkjaer. pdf

Effect of electrode shape on grounding resistances — Part 2: Experimental results and cryospheric monitoring,
Geophysics, 81, 1, 14. 2016, Tomaškovicová, S., T. Ingeman-Nielsen, A. V. Christiansen, I. Brandt, T. Dahlin, and B. Elberling. pdf

Artificial neural networks for removal of couplings in airborne transient electromagnetic data,
Geophysical Prospecting, 2016, 64, 9. 2015, Andersen, K. A., C. Kirkegaard, N. Foged, A. V. Christiansen, and E. Auken. pdf

An overview of a highly versatile forward and stable inverse algorithm for airborne, ground-based and borehole electromagnetic and electric data,
Exploration Geophysics, 2015, 46, 223-235. 2015, Auken, E., A. V. Christiansen, G. Fiandaca, C. Schamper, A. A. Behroozmand, A. Binley, E. Nielsen, F. Effersø, N. B. Christensen, K. I. Sørensen, N. Foged, and G. Vignoli. pdf

A comparison of helicopter-borne electromagnetic systems for hydrogeologic studies,
Geophysical Prospecting, 2015, 1-24. 2015, Bedrosian., P., C. Schamper, and E. Auken. pdf

Airborne and ground-based transient electromagnetic mapping of groundwater salinity in the Machile-Zambezi Basin, southwestern Zambia,
Near Surface Geophysics, 13, 383-395. 2015, Chongo.M, A. V. Christiansen, A. Tembo, K. E. Banda, I. A. Nyambe, F. Larsen, and P. Bauer-Gottwein. pdf

Mapping localised freshwater anomalies in the brackish paleo-lake sediments of the Machile-Zambezi Basin with transient electromagnetic sounding, geoelectrical imaging and induced polarisation,
Journal of Applied Geophysics, 2015, 123, 81-92. 2015, Chongo.M, A. V. Christiansen, G. Fiandaca, I. A. Nyambe, F. Larsen, and P. Bauer-Gottwein. pdf

An efficient hybrid scheme for fast and accurate inversion of airborne transient electromagnetic data,
Exploration Geophysics, 1-8. 2015, Christiansen, A. V., E. Auken, C. Kirkegaard, C. Schamper, and G. Vignoli. pdf

Field scale time-domain spectral induced polarization monitoring of geochemical changes induced by injected CO2 in a shallow aquifer,
Geophysics, 80, 2, WA113-WA126. 2015, Doetsch, J., G. Fiandaca, E. Auken, A. V. Christiansen, A. G. Cahill, and J. D. Jacobsen. pdf

Direct current (DC) resistivity and induced polarization (IP) monitoring of active layer dynamics at high temporal resolution,
Cold Regions Science and Technology, 119, 16-28. 2015, Doetsch, J., T. Ingemann-Nielsen, A. V. Christiansen, G. Fiandaca, E. Auken, and B. Elberling. pdf

Performance evaluation of groundwater model hydrostratigraphy from airborne electromagnetic data and lithological borehole logs,
HESS, 19, 3875-3890. 2015, Marker, P. A., N. Foged, X. He, A. V. Christiansen, A. Refsgaard, E. Auken, and P. Bauer-Gottwein. pdf

Deep groundwater and potential subsurface habitats beneath an Antarctic dry valley,
Nature Communications, 6, 2015, Mikucki, J. A., E. Auken, S. Tulaczyk, R. A. Virginia, C. Schamper, K. I. Sørensen, P. T. Doran, H. Dugan, and N. Foley. pdf

Measuring time-domain spectral induced polarization in the on-time:decreasing acquisition time and increasing signal-to-noise ratio,
Journal of Applied Geophysics, 2015, 123, 6. 2015, Olsson, P. I., T. Dahlin, G. Fiandaca, and E. Auken. pdf

Integrated interpretation of helicopter and ground-based geophysical data recorded within the Okavango Delta, Botswana,
Journal of Applied Geophysics, 2015, 114, 52-67. 2015, Podgorski, J. E., A. G. Green, T. Kalscheuer, W. Kinzelbach, H. Horstmeyer, H. Maurer, L. Rabenstein, J. Doetsch, E. Auken, T. Ngwisanyi, G. Tshoso, B. C. Jaba, O. Ntibinyane, and K. Laletsang. pdf

Sharp spatially constrained inversion with applications to transient electromagnetic data,
Geophysical Prospecting, 63, 1, 243-255. 2015, Vignoli, G., G. Fiandaca, A. V. Christiansen, C. Kirkegaard, and E. Auken. pdf