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New Publications

Auken, E., Foged, N., Larsen, J. J., Lassen, K. V. T., Maurya, P. K., Dath, S. M., and Eiskjær, T., 2018, tTEM – a Towed TEM system for Detailed 3D Imaging of the Top 70 meters of the Subsurface: Geophysics.

A parallel computing thin sheets inversion algorithm for airborne time domain data utilizing a variable overburden Boesen,T., Auken,E., Christiansen,A.V., Fiandaca,G., Schamper,C.  Geophysical Prospecting, 2018, 66, 1402-1014

Trans-Dimensional Bayesian Inversion of Airborne Transient EM Data From Taylor Glacier, Antarctica Blatter,D., Key,K., Ray,A., Foley,N., Tulaczyk,S., Auken,E. Accepted Manuscript. Geophysical Journal International

Subsurface imaging of water electrical conductivity, hydraulic permeability and lithology at contaminated sites by induced polarization
Maurya, P. K., N. Balbarini, I. Møller, V. Rønde, A. V. Christiansen, P. L. Bjerg, E. Auken and G. Fiandaca (2018). Geophysical Journal International 213(2): 770-785.

Numerically optimized modulations for adiabatic pulses in surface nuclear magnetic resonance Grombacher, D. (2018). Geophysics 83(2): 14.

Practical considerations for small receive coils in surface NMR
Grombacher, D., L. Liu, J. J. Larsen and E. Auken (2018). Journal of Applied Geophysics 2018(154): 81 - 92.

Apsu: a wireless multichannel receiver system for surface-NMR groundwater investigations
Liu, L., D. Grombacher, E. Auken and J. J. Larsen (2018). Geoscientific Instrumentation Methods and Data Systems Discussions.

GEOCON - Udvikling og integrering af geofysiske målinger i forureningsundersøgelser
Bjerg, P. L., A. V. Christiansen, I. Møller, M. G. Møller, T. B. Hansen and J. K. Pedersen (2018). . Vand og Jord. 25: 4-7.

3D-kortlægning af hydraulisk ledningsevne med nye geofysiske målinger
Christiansen, A. V., G. Fiandaca, P. K. Maurya, I. Møller, E. Auken, N. Balbarini and P. L. Bjerg (2018). Vand og Jord. 25: 8-11.

Hvordan kan 3D geologiske modeller bruges i forureningsundersøgelser?
Møller, I., A. S. Høyer, K. E. Klint, G. Fiandaca, P. K. Maurya, N. Balbarini, A. V. Christiansen, M. G. Møller and P. L. Bjerg (2018). Vand og Jord. 25: 12-15.

Geofysik kortlægger grundvandsforurening
Bjerg, P. L., N. Balbarini, V. Rønde, A. V. Christiansen, P. K. Maurya, G. Fiandaca, E. Auken, I. Møller and M. G. Møller (2018).  Vand og Jord. 25: 16-20.

Permeability Estimation Directly From Logging-While-Drilling Induced Polarization Data
Water Resources Research, Accepted article online 26/3-18, Fiandaca,G., Maurya,P.K., Balbarini,N., Hoerdt,A, Christiansen,A.V., Foged,N., Bjerg,P.L., Auken,E.

A parallel computing thin sheets inversion algorithm for airborne time domain data utilizing a variable overburden
Manuscript accepted for Geophysical Prospecting,  Boesen,T., Auken,E., Christiansen,A.V., Fiandaca,G., Schamper,C.

The effects of 3D topography on controlled-source audio-frequency magnetotelluric responses
Geophysics, vol 83, no.2 March-April 2018 Lin,C., Zhong,S., Auken,E., Cai,H., Tan,H., Peng,M., Kong,W. 

A Review of Airborne Electromagnetic Methods With Focus on Geotechnical and Hydrological Applications From 2007 to 2017
Advances in Geophysics, vol 58, Auken,E., Boesen,T., Christiansen,A.V.

Successful Sampling Strategy Advances Laboratory Studies of NMR Logging in Unconsolidated Aquifers
Geophysical Research Letters, online October 2017. Behroozmand,A.A., Knight,R., Müller-Petke.M., Auken,E., Barfod,A., Ferré,T., Vilhelmsen,T.N., Johnson,C.D., Christiansen,A.V.

Finite element time domain modeling of controlled-Source electromagnetic data with a hybrid boundary condition
Accepted for publication in Journal of Applied Geophysics, august 2017. Hongzhu Cai, Xiangyun Hu, Bin Xiong, Esben Auken, Muran Han, Jianhui Li 

Mapping the fresh-saltwater interface in the coastal zone using high-resolution airborne electromagnetics
First Break, Vol. 35, August 2017. Jesper B. Pedersen, Frans W. Schaars, Anders V. Christiansen, Nikolaj Foged, Cyril Schamper, Harry Rolf and Esben Auken 

Resolution of well-known resistivity equivalences by inclusion of time-domain induced polarization data
Madsen, L., G. Fiandaca, A. Christiansen and E. Auken (2017). GEOPHYSICS 83(1): E47-E54.

Accounting for Relaxation During Pulse Effects for Long Pulses and Fast Relaxation Times in Surface NMR
Geophysics. Denys Grombacher, Ahmad Behroozmand, Esben Auken

Anthropogenic wetlands due to over-irrigation of desert areas: a challenging hydrogeological investigation with extensive geophysical input from TEM and MRS measurements
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 21, 1527–1545, 2017, Ahmad Ali Behroozmand, Pietro Teatini, Jesper Bjergsted Pedersen, Esben Auken, Omar Tosatto, and Anders Vest Christiansen