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Who are we?

Welcome to the website of the HydroGeophysics Group (HGG). HGG is a strong and quite large research group at Department of Geoscience, Aarhus University, Denmark, working primarily with hydrogeophysics. The research covers many aspects of hydrogeophysics, instrument development, data collection, processing and inversion algorithms, software development, as well as integration of the geophysics results into geological and hydrological models.

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News from HGG

HGG is proud to be hosting the 4TH INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON INDUCED POLARIZATION from 6-8 June 2016. Read more here


Associate Professor in hydrogeophysics – electric and electromagnetic methods
We are currently looking for an associate professor in hydrogeophysics - read the full advertisement here.

HyGEM end seminar
The HyGEM end seminar will took place on April 6 - see the program here.

The HydroGeophysics Group is proud to have hosted the

read more


End seminar - HyGEM - read more here

06.06.2016 - 08.06.2016


Aarhus Workbench - Processing and inversion software for AEM, ERT,  IP,  GCM

Manuals notes and help to the Aarhus Workbench and our other software packages

Bugtracker - access to our bug tracking system

Downloads - download applications and updates

News & Media

NEW on YouTube - latest from the TRUST project
Watch it here on YouTube.

NEW NSF VIDEO: Discovery made beneath Antarctica's McMurdo Dry Valleys
Using a novel, helicopter-borne sensor to penetrate the surface of large swathes of terrain, a team of researchers supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) has gathered compelling evidence that beneath Antarctica's ice-free McMurdo Dry Valleys lies a salty aquifer that may support previously unknown microbial ecosystems and retain evidence of ancient climate change.

Watch the US National Science Foundation video here on YouTube!

Article about the Antarctica Project in Nature Communications

Read the article here.

The article has generated widespread media attention - see below:

Danish Technology detects new knowledge about the Antarctic underground.
Danish Radio has interviewed Professor Esben Auken from the Hydrogeophysics Group about the results of the Antarctica project. Read the inverview here (in Danish) and watch the video!

Jill Mikucki’s Antarctica study in the news

Jill Mikucki, a microbiology assistant professor, was part of a team that detected extensive salty groundwater networks in Antarctica using a novel airborne electromagnetic mapping sensor system called SkyTEM. The hidden interconnected lakes could sustain life and shed light on ancient climate change. They also may provide the basis for future exploration of a subsurface habitat on Mars.

The Washington Post featured Mikucki and the study in this article.

Numerous national and international media outlets also featured the research, including the ABC Science, Christian Science Monitor, Huffington Post, Discovery, Daily Mail, the Verge, New Scientist, Business Insider Australia, Business Standard, Yahoo! News, International Business Times, Irish Examiner, Science Mag,, Silicon Republic, and Knoxville News Sentinel.

Discovered deep under Antarctic surface: Extensive, salty aquifer and potentially vast microbial habitat

Helicopter-borne instrument shows what lies beneath Antarctica's ice-free Dry Valleys. Using a novel, helicopter-borne sensor to penetrate the surface of large swathes of terrain, a team of researchers supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) has gathered compelling evidence that beneath Antarctica's ice-free McMurdo Dry Valleys lies a salty aquifer that may support previously unknown microbial ecosystems and retain evidence of ancient climate change. Read more here.


In early December 4 scientists from the airborne division of the China Geological Survey visited Aarhus University, GEUS and SkyTEM Surveys to discuss groundwater resource mapping in China using Danish technology. 

After the NICA end conference, results from the project have been covered by Danish media - an article in Berlingske: Danes develop helicopter technique that saves millions. Read the article here (Danish).

And a chronicle in Jyllandsposten: New targeted regulation in farming. Read the chronicle here (Danish). 

Heliborne Surveys reveal potential for groundwater exploration

An article from The Hindu on the results of the AQUIM project - pdf

4 new videos from the project TRUST - Transparent Underground STructure
Watch them here.

SkyTEM Aquifer Mapping | Watch QUEST Online | PBS Video

WATCH THIS! A great 7 min long video on SkyTEM aquifer mapping in Nebraska. Apart from great scenery, nice graphics explain how the technology works and the purpose of the mapping.

If you are looking for well known faces, Toke Højbjerg Søltoft from HGG is working with the system about 4 minutes into the video. Jim Cannia, the American scientist explaining the perspectives of the technology, has been in Aarhus many times and is a very good friend of HGG.

See the video here.


Vand & Jord - theme issue about the Danish groundwater mapping
The new issue of the Danish journal Vand og Jord features a theme on the Danish groundwater mapping campaign.

Vand & Jord forside

Read the article Geophysics and groundwater mapping by Mai-Britt Mose Jensen, Esben Auken og Anders Vest Christiansen her. (pdf in Danish)

HGG in TV2 Østjylland
On 11 March HGG again had interesting visitors. The well known reporter Søs Kjeldsen and photographer Jeppe Jermiin from TV2 Østjylland. TV2 Østjylland visited the group with the purpose of making a new installment in the ongoing series 'IQ - close to the clever heads'. This time about groundwater resource mapping.

The show can be seen on TV2 Østjylland on 22.4 at 22.30, 23.4 at 12.30 and again 30.4 at 17.30 and on TV2 Østjylland's website:

 See more from NEWS & MEDIA here.

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