History of the WalkTEM Instrument.

The development of the WalkTEM instrument dates back to the 1980’s. The first step was to optimize the Geonic PROTEM47-system, that was used intensively in groundwater mapping surveys in Denmark. This was partly responsible for the establishment of a national TEM test site and development of low noise receiver coils. The following research led to the development of the WalkTEM-instrument. The WalkTEM-system is a handy, high-precision groundbased TEM-system, which shares its' technological framework with the SkyTEM-system.

Numerical modeling/inversion

There has been a strong focus on the development of a robust and high precision inversion code (AarhusInv). The present research is primarily optimization of the inversion algorithm and adding the capability of modeling any ground based TEM-systems.

The Sitem/Semdi processing and inversion software is also a product from the HGG group. The Sitem/semdi programs has been used intensively in handling the thousands of ground based TEM-soudings carried out in Denmark. The program package is sold worldwide for processing and inversion of any groundbased TEM-data.