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Mapping Geology In Cities

The main purpose of this project is to enable non-expert users to easily obtain and evaluate data from urban environments. For this to be feasible, the project aim to create a combined setup of instrument and software that will create an integrated, semi-automated data framework. With this in place, the non-expert user will be able to easily collect new data needed to close any gaps of information and instantly share this information with work partners.

The involved parties are I-GIS A/S, Lund University, Faculty Of Engineering, Guideline Geo AB, Department of Geoscience and Aarhus University, that each provide their expertise to obtain the wanted goal.

So far the project has achieved to provide a more advanced instrument, ABEM Terrameter LS, with an easier interface for the analytic tool, the Aarhus Workbench. In Aarhus Workbench, more automated and robust methods have been implemented to accommodate less expert knowledge to be necessary. In the visualisation program, GEOScene3D, support for the output of these more robust features are now available which combines all three tools into a very strong work package for obtaining urban environment geology for non-expert users.

ABEM Terrameter LS, Aarhus Workbench and GEOScene3D.

Jointly funded by the European Union, Eurostars Programme, Central Region Denmark, Innovation Fund Denmark and The Swedish innovation agency Vinnova under the project “Mapping Geology in Cities” (E10096 MAGIC)

  • I-GIS A/S
  • Lund University, Faculty Of Engineering
  • Guideline Geo AB
  • Department of Geoscience and Aarhus University