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The instruments and methods developed in HGG must stand their trial in the real world. Thus, our research is carried out in cooperation with many others: consultants, municipalities, companies, and organizations all over the world.

We develop, we test, and we develop again. We map the subsurface to find water for those in need, to mitigate natural disasters – or manmade disasters like pollution plumes from waste deposits, to find archaeologic artefacts that can enlighten us about our past, to find mineral deposits, etc. We are out there.

Ergo, do you need help with finding water? Is an old landfill leaching into your environment? Are you preparing an archaeological excavation and would like to know where to start digging? Or perhaps just to know what lies beneath your feet? Contact us. We are always open for new collaborations and thrive on the challenge of finding the right combination of science and practical use.