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Spin off companies

The following companies are spin off companies from the instrument  and software development in the HydroGeophysics Group.

Provides geophysical instrumentation for large scale subsurface imaging. The companies towed transient electromagnetic technology is world-leading and is characterized by seamless integrated hardware and software into one package for non-experts. The solutions they provide are easy to use tools for making images of the subsurface for mapping of groundwater resources, raw materials, pollution, geotechnical applications and much more.

Website: TEMcompany

Aarhus GeoSoftware
Development of unique software products for handling, processing, and inversion of geophysical data. Leading provider of processing and inversion software for EM and electrical surveys. Specializing in Airborne TEM and HEM, groundbased TEM, ERT/IP and GCM.

Website: Aarhus GeoSoftware

SkyTEM Surveys
SkyTEM solutions are being applied by explorationists, scientists, and engineers worlwide and data from the SkyTEM system are accepted as a quick, reliable, and affordable technique to replace ground based methods.  This unique, proven, and exclusive exploration technology has been applied on a wide variety of projects – from mapping aquifers in the Galapagos Islands to exploring for minerals in Greenland, discovering illegally disposed wastes in Italy and more.

Website: SkyTEM Surveys

Aarhus Geophysics
Aarhus Geophysics is a group of international consultants in the field of geophysics, specializing in airborne EM and potential fields methods, including geophysical modelling, inversion and interpretation. Aarhus Geophysics is providing expertiese in geophysical modelling and inversion and interpretation of the results for mining, oil and gas, groundwater and geotechnical applications.

Website: Aarhus Geophysics