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The HGG group has a great deal of experience and expertise within the development of specialized software for processing and inversion of primarily electrical and electromagnetic geophysical data. The group has 2 dedicated software designers/developers and the various processing and inversion algorithms used in the software are the result of in house research.

Browse the software sub-pages for more information about the programs.

  • AarhusInv - Electric and electromagnetic modeling and inversion code - vites page for lincese info.
  • EMMA - Electrical and electromagnetic forward modeling, (freeware)
  • Aarhus Workbench - Processing, inversion and visualization of geophysical and geological data
  • SPIA - Processing and inversion of Ground based TEM and DC

Aarhus Workbench and Spia: Contact Aarhus GeoSoftware regarding license, support and download of software.