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Flood and Drought - SNMR

Tracking water in the shallow subsurface

The aim of the Flood and Drought project is to provide tools that efficiently provide data on the water content in the subsurface as well as the ability of the subsurface to move and store water. Research has shown that surface NMR potentially will be an efficient method to obtain these data, but the present technology is too slow and unreliable in most use cases.

The research hypothesis of Flood and Drought is that the combination of our new Apsu surface NMR system and new NMR pulse sequences can perform fast surface NMR measurements that precisely measure the water content and permeability of the shallow subsurface. These data will be integrated into high-resolution groundwater models to predict precisely the interaction between surface water and groundwater and in this way be an aid to risk management.


  • Department of Engineering, Aarhus University (DEN)
  • HGG, Department of Geoscience, Aarhus University (DEN)
  • Collaborators:
    • University of Arizona (US)
    • Urban and Environmental Engineering, University of Liège (BEL)
    • Leibniz Institute of Applied Geophysics (GER)
    • Environmental Protection Agency, Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark