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HGG has a long tradition for working with SkyTEM data. The SkyTEM system was originally developed by the group and commercialized in a spin-out company called SkyTEM Surveys in 2003. Even after the spin-out the system was until around 2010 still further developed at the university. HGG is still developing processing and inversion algorithms in various research projects and in several mapping projects, where SkyTEM systems is operated in a close collaboration between HGG and the commercial company.

Key Specifications

  • Dual moment system
  • Transmitter moment: 132,000A/m2
  • Z and X TDEM receiver coils
  • Total field magnetics
  • Depth of investigation: 200-300 m
  • Flight height: 30-50 m
  • Flight speed: 12-25 m/s