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Research Vision

The Hydro-Geophysics Group (HGG) carries out high-level research with the overall aim of developing methods for knowledge-based mapping of the subsurface and modelling of water resources for the benefit of society.

HGG combines geophysical instrument development with advanced data processing and inversion algorithms and hydrological modelling. The key geophysical methods are airborne and ground-based transient electromagnetic (TEM), induced polarization and DC, and nuclear magnetic resonance sounding. TEM systems like SkyTEM, tTEM, WalkTEM, and the Apsu NMR system are examples of systems originating from the research carried out by the group. Also, software like Aarhus Workbench and AarhusInv are the results of years of development.

The group works with projects in Denmark and worldwide. This is expressed in a large number of publications on the applicability of the geophysical methods for groundwater resource mapping, geotechnical applications, and geological mapping. The group is highly international with students and scientists from all over the world. In addition, the group often hosts guest professors and guest students from various countries.

The group has fostered several spin-off companies from Aarhus University. The largest one is SkyTEM Surveys ApS, which is one of the major players in the area of airborne electromagnetics. There is Aarhus Geosoftware ApS (now owned by Bentley Systems) that commercializes and further develops some of the software originating from HGG. The latest spin-off company from the group is Aarhus GeoInstruments. Aarhus GeoInstruments commercializes and develops new instruments, likewise originating from HGG.