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Total Field Magnetometer

Our proton and cesium magnetometers are primarily used in connection with MRS measurements and for magnetic surveying together with the ground conductivity meter.

For the MRS part the magnetometer is used to determine the Larmor frequency and for recording of fluctuations in the earth's magnetic field during the recording of a full MRS sounding, that can take 5-10 hours.

The magnetometer can also be mounted on the GCM pulling sled so CGM and magnetic data can be recorded simultaneously. In Denmark mag-surveys are primarily used for archaeological investigations.

The proton magnetometer is a Geometrics G-856 Magnetometer, which has a resolution of 0.1 nT and an accuracy of 0.5 nT. The cesium magnetometer is a Geometrics G-858 Magmapper, which has a much higher sensitivity than the proton magnetometers. 

Key Specifications

  • Geometrics G-856 proton magnetometer with 2 sensors
  • Geometrics G-858 cesium magnetometer with 2 sensors
  • Supports base station measurements
  • Supports magnetic field gradient measurements