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Guideline and standards for tTEM data collection, processing, and inversion, 2020 - pdf

Reporting tTEM and SkyTEM data/models to GERDA using Aarhus Workbench, 2020 - pdf

The tTEM System - System validation and comparison with PACES and ERT, 2019 - pdf

Sharp model inversion setup for inversion of geophysical data - Guidelines and examples, 2018 - pdf
A short report describing the sharp regularization for inversion. It gives a brief introduction to the technical details and how to tune parameters and then gives several examples on real data.

Numerical tools and optimizations for EM geophysical methods, 2017  - pdf
A technical report that introduces our OpenMP parallelization framework, which can be obtained upon contact. Furthermore, the technical report introduces our block-parallel sparse iterative linear solver, which can be obtained upon contact.

Antartica SkyTEM survey report, July 2015 - pdf
Survey report documenting the processing and inversion of the data from the SkyTEM Antartica survey. 

Comparison  Syscal Pro and Abem Terrameter LS,  2014 - pdf.
The report contains a throughout comparison of the DC/IP instruments Syscal Pro and ABEM Terrameter LS. The report documents the data quality, injection parameters and measured data one can acquire with both instruments. The comparison is done on the basis of a profile measured at the exact same location. 

NiCA SkyTEM survey report, 2012
This is the first survey made with the new Mini-SkyTEM sytem whose very low moment and short turn-off allow the use of very early gates down to 5-6 µs. This survey was made as part of the NiCA project (www.nitrat.dk) in which the purpose is to model the reduction of the nitrates in the near-surface aquifers (top 30 m), in order to propose a better optimized regulation of the use of fertilizers by identifying the more risky areas.

Refinement of the TEM reference model at Lyngby, 2012 - pdf.

Guideline and standards for SkyTEM measurements, processing and inversion, ENG V2.5, 2011 - pdf  

Guideline and standards for SkyTEM measurements, processing and inversion, DK  V2.5, 2011 - pdf

Validation of the SkyTEM system at the extended TEM test site, 2010. GFS, 2010 - pdf