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WalkTEM is a transient electromagnetic (TEM) instrument and the result of in-house development. In principle WalkTEM is a SkyTEM instrument with a less powerful transmitter, though the standard transmitter has a maximum output current of 20 A , superior to common groundbased TEM systems. Recently new powerful transmitters have (TEMtX60) been developed with a maximum output current of 60 A, especially designed for very deep surveying. The WalkTEM instrument has a built-in GPS, ensuring precise positioning and elevation data for each measurement.

The HGG group has extensive experience with the development of processing and interpretation software for groundbased TEM-systems, where SPIA is the newest  development from our software group.

Key Specifications

  • 4 x operational TEM-systems
  • Receiver coils: Hard top 0.6 x 0.6 m2 coil and wire loop 10 x 10 m2 coil.
  • Transmitter loop: 40 x 40 m2, 50 x 50 m2, 100 x 100 m
  • Transmitter:  Standard transmitter (max. 20 A), Tx100 transmitter (max. 100 A)
  • Built-in GPS for positioning and elevation data