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Electrical Resistivity Tomography/Induced Polarization

Two multi channel ERT/IP instruments are available in the HGG group.

  • Syscal Pro Switch 72, Iris Instruments  
  • Abem Terrameter LS, Abem Instruments

The Iris equipment switches on 72 different channels and can acquire ERT/IP data on up to 10 channels simultaneously.

The Abem equipment switches on 62 different channels and can measure up to 12 channels at the same time. The ABEM Terrameter LS makes a continuous recording of the full waveform. 

Both resistivity-meters operate with a set of 4 cables (21 take-outs), with an electrode spacing of 2 m or 5 m. In total HGG has 8 cables with 2 m spacing and 16 with 5 m spacing. The group has built 6 switch-boxes, making a full three-dimensional ERT/IP setup possible. With the 6 switch-boxes one is capable of adressing up to 28 cables and 448 electrodes. With the three-dimensional setup one can measure timelapse series, and control the instrument remotely from the office.    

Key Specifications

  • Syscal Pro Switch 72, Iris Instruments
  • Abem Terrameter LS, Abem instruments
  • 8 two m spacing cables (21 take-outs)
  • 16 five m spacing cables (21 take-outs)
  • 500 steel electrodes and connectors
  • 6 switch boxes
  • Full three-dimensional setup, adressing 28 cables and up to 448 electrodes