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Research on aquatic environments has been a major focus area for several research groups at Aarhus University, and in some areas the groups are in the absolute world elite.

Established by the Faculty of Science and Technology, Aarhus University Centre for Water Technology, WATEC, aims to unite and strengthen the research in water technology by forming a platform for collaboration between the various groups dealing with water research and to form a channel for communication with external partners.  

In WATEC engineers are working in close collaboration with researchers from the classical science disciplines on themes such as mapping of groundwater resources, analysis of contaminants in the groundwater, wastewater purification - including degradation of micro-contaminants -, N and P removal from drainage water, and restoration of lakes and streams.

The unique collaboration between the various research fields creates a strong basis for new knowledge, scientific breakthroughs, and solutions to important societal challenges.

The main themes of the center's work are:

  • Sensor development and applicaiton
  • Water and waste water treatment
  • Constructed wetland treatment technology
  • Surface water management and restoration
  • Water mapping and modelling

HGG participates in WATEC with hydrogeophysical research within the area of water mapping and modelling.


Faculty of Natural Science, Aarhus University and external funding agencies