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AarhusInv is our high performance modeling and inversion code supporting a variety of geophysical data types, configurations, and source-receiver types. AarhusInv provides efficient and high precision modeling and inversion of any airborne EM configuration and ground based TEM, GCM, DC, MRS and time domain IP configurations. Also sources and receives in ground are supported in AarhusInv. For airborne EM, key system parameters of the various AEM systems can be modeled in AarhusInv. For example: Pitch and roll bird moments, width of the individual time gates, system low pass filters, front gate, transmitter and receiver height, etc. For the IP part the full IP decade curves are modeled with a Cole-Cole model.

In general AarhusInv uses a locally 1D l model description. In the inversion phase the models are constrained together forming a 3D-model space. For DC and IP a full 2D solution is available as well.

The base of the inversion scheme in ArhusInv is an iterative solver. The inversion supports:

  • Layer, smooth and sharp model description
  • Model description in a regular 3D grid with scatted data records
  • Lateral and vertical constraining of any model parameters
  • Prior constraints on any model parameters
  • Joint or constraints inversion of different data types and methods
  • Depth of investigation estimates (DOI)

Among other things the high performance is obtained by an efficient code parallelization, iterative sparse matrix solvers in the inversion phase, and  sparse matrix data stored  for efficient memory handling. AarhusInv is therefore capable of handling vary large airborne EM surveys in a single spatial constraint model setup (SCI)  and utilizes multi core CPU’s in a very efficient way.

User interfaces
The AarhusInv program is a stand-alone command-prompt executable, written in Fortan. It runs on Windows platforms. We provide AarhusInv as freeware for non-commercial purposes. 

The EMMA program (freeware) is a user interface to AarhusInv for calculating EM and VES forward responses. The SPIA program is developed for processing and inversion of ground based TEM and VES data. Aarhus Workbench handles processing and inversion of airborne EM, GCM and ERT/IP data.


Although AarhusInv is free to use for non-commercial purposes you need to sign and return a registration form to receive AarhusInv. Registration form

The program is free to use for non-commercial purposes. The HydroGeophysics Group, Aarhus University, Denmark does not take responsibility for any loss or inconvenience due to the use of AarhusInv.  Distribution of the program is not allowed unless permitted by the authors. If AarhusInv is included in another program or a user interface is added, this program must be freeware as well and the authors credited.

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