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FloaTEM is a transient electromagnetic method for data acquisition on water and is a further development of the land based tTEM systems. The system is towed behind a boat with the transmitter and receiver coils resting on pontoons. With dense survey lines a 3D coverage is obtained down to a depth of 30-70 m, depending on the water conductivity.

The system is quick to deploy and easily managed by a field crew of two persons. Data from the FloaTEM system is fully integrated with the Aarhus Workbench software package for data processing, inversion and reporting.

Key Specification

  • Dual moment towed TEM-system
  • Offset configuration, offset: 9.5 m
  • Depth of investigation: 30-70m - strongly depending on the water conductivity and depth
  • Speed: 1-5 m/s
  • Daily production rate on rivers, 40-80 km
  • Peak current: 30 Amp (high moment)
  • Transmitter moment: 19, 240 Amp/m2 (low, high moment)
  • Transmitter period time: 0.6 ms, 1.4 ms (low, high moment)
  • Turn off time: 2.5 microseconds (low moment)