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SPIA - Processing and inversion of Ground based TEM data

SPIA TEM is a geophysical software designed for processing and inversion of Transient Electromagnetic data.

Graphical interface of the SPIA software.
Graphical interface of the SPIA software.

The graphical user interface of the SPIA TEM software simplifies the processing and inversion process through the possibility of editing data and models directly in the plots. Electromagnetic data can be plotted in different ways, e.g. raw dB/dt, stacked dB/dt and apparent resistivity, which improves the overview when processing. Noise and spike filtering are carried out automatically when opening the SPIA project, containing the electromagnetic data. The standard deviation can be changed for each data point, a priori information can be added to the model, and inversion models can be interpreted before making new inversions. The processed data and inversion models are all saved in the same SPIA project and can be imported into Aarhus Workbench for easy visualization of the results.

Data measured with the ProTEM47/57, TerraTEM, Zonge TEM,  TEMFAST and  ABEMWalkTEM instruments can be imported in the software by means of specialized imports. Furthermore, USF data from any instrument can be imported to SPIA TEM. All importers and relevant documentation are provided in the SPIA TEM installation. 

For license, software support and download of SPIA contact Aarhus GeoSoftware.