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SPIA - Processing and inversion of VES data

SPIA is a processing and inversion software for VES data. The graphical user interface of SPIA simplifies the processing and inversion process by the possibility of editing data and models in the graphical user interface. The uncertainty can be changed for each data point, a priori information can be added to the starting model, and inversion models can be interpreted before making new inversions. For the inversion, the robust and fast AarhusInv inversion code is used. ​ The SPIA VES module has an import function where Schlumberger VES data can either be typed into the software manually or loaded from a simple asci file. UTM coordinates can be added to each sounding during the import.

The SPIA VES database can be imported directly in Aarhus Workbench for visualization such as mean-resistivity maps and 3D profiles. 

For license, software support and download of SPIA contact Aarhus GeoSoftware