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Workpackage 3

WP3. Analysis of hydrological, lithological, and geophysical relationships.

WP leader: Associate Professor Anders Vest Christiansen (AU)

This WP is doing a study of hydrogeophysical relationships, i.e. data analytical statistical links between lithological and hydrological properties on the one hand (e.g. porosity, permeability) and geophysical properties (e.g. electrical resistivity) on the other hand. These relationships are spatially varying and have distinctly different spatial and volume supports, but a few main geological groups covering Denmark can be constructed and form the basis for the hydrogeophysical modeling efforts in WP4 and WP5. We are designing a rational basis for spatial data averaging based on geostatistical characterizations of the data types to be modeled/correlated. Whether standard geostatistical approaches suffice, or whether novel techniques can be developed, constitute one major research and development pillar of WP3.

The task will initially be conducted on existing data sets from the comprehensive data bases (borehole data base JUPITER and the geophysical data in the GERDA database) available in Denmark covering lithological and hydrological parameters. These databases are developed and hosted at GEUS with significant contributions to GERDA from Aarhus University. The collection of databases in Denmark is unique on a global scale, and therefore the data analysis performed on these data bases will be unique as well. Having established initial relationships the outcome of WP3 can assist the data collection of WP1 in specifying optimal locations for additional data collection and the outcome of the data analyses will be an indispensable source of information in WP4 and WP5 where data are actually integrated for the hydrogeological models.