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The Sillerup catchment is located in the Southern part of the Jutland peninsula in Denmark. With a size of app. 30 km2 it is the largest of the two field sites in the project. The subsurface and the terrain in the area is dominated by previous glacial activities, resulting in a highly variable topography. Based on the glacial activities it is also expected that the subsurface will be highly complex with alternating clay and sand layers.

The agricultural area constitutes approximately 75% of the catchment area, and it is therefore a dominating factor in the landscape. The stream flow is monitored at the catchment outlet, and the data series constitutes 20 years of flow measurements and 14 years of Nitrogen and Phosphorus measurements.

Based on the existing information in the area it is expected that the shallow subsurface is dominated by clay sediments. It is therefore also expected that a large portion of the area has been drained, and that the redox interface is located relative close to terrain.