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News - 2012

Last news about the NiCA project in 2012

The geophysical part of the project almost completely ended this year with the delivery of the resistivity inversion results. Publications and presentations of this work are still under progress. The resistivity results are currently used for the geostatistical modeling of the Norsminde catchment which will end with a geological and a hydrogeological models to predict the reduction of the nitrates in the upper 20 m (other news about the project can be found on its homepage).


  • July 2012, NiCA SkyTEM survey report: the geophysical interpretation of the survey has been delivered and results can be consulted in pdf (331 Mb, right click, save link as).
  • August 16th 2012, status meeting of the project in Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • September 2012, NiCA data on-line: the processed data as well as the results of the resistivity inversion can be downloaded from GERDA website.
  • September 4th 2012, presentation of the new Mini-SkyTEM system at Near Surface Geoscience conference - Remote Sensing Workhop in Paris, France  

Next scheduled status meeting: January 22nd 2013 in Aarhus, Denmark.